Worlds in Collision

Why do we become who we are?  Do things happen that transform us and cause us to become better or worse?  Seemingly ordinary experiences, exploring a neighborhood creek, taking piano lessons, or just making a new friend can take us to a new place from which new people are bound to emerge.
In Miss Helen, the memory of his piano teacher causes her now grown-up student to learn something about her and himself that he did not see at the time.
In The Emergence of Anna, shy, self-conscious Anna emerges into a sexier and freer side of herself finding acceptance from new-found friends, but where is she going and with whom?
In Worlds in Collision, a boy, living in fear of bullies sees that getting “pounded” isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a kid at school.
What experiences have happened to us that have transformed us into who we are?
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