Short Story, Tall Tale

Here, the short stories are tall tales, many of them humorous, whether they happen in the future, on a space station orbiting Mars, or, in deep underground grottos.  One story examines what happens in lives too perfect.  Another tells the tale of a short man who longs to be tall.  In another story, what if the death penalty were to become a bit of performance art and the condemned man the star?
In Report of an Experiment in Real World, a “Human Species Specialist” observes and records the few last remaining humans living in a perfect world: a beach house in Hawaii.
Perfection is a theme in Notes at Random Written by an Inhabitant of Grotto Six, who lives underground to avoid a long-ago plague.
In Juice Bar, people who commit crimes can be executed, if they want to participate in a game for the benefit of family.  Would the death penalty be OK, if it were a matter of choice?
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