The Annotated Zeno

Do most of us believe what we believe without delving into why we think as we do? Are there many among us who wish to think through our beliefs to arrive at a better understanding of ourselves and thus attain a greater purpose for our lives?  Zeno, who lived in Alexandria during the reign of the Roman Emperor Theodosius, devises a game to find out what we each believe and why.
Zeno realizes that most people believe whatever they believe without question.  To Zeno, religion is based upon ignorance, can it be based on knowledge?  He devises a board game that can be played by those who want to know more about their beliefs and are willing to ask questions of themselves.
In the game, there is a “guide” and two to four players.  The guide encourages.  The ultimate goal of the players is to discover what they believe and in doing so uncover their here-to-fore hidden religion.
Can you make your own faith?  Let Zeno be your guide.
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