Border Crossing

Much of human history is a quest for adventure and riches.  People rushed to California for gold exploring oceans and prairies far from home.  They crossed the border, between land and sea, from country to country, and within themselves and they came in both instances to places they knew nothing about.   Border Crossing gives us gamblers, prostitutes, miners and missionaries whose tales taken after contemporary manuscripts provide a personal account of hardship, revenge, and success.
Warring Testimonies gives us three contradictory accounts of events in three vanished towns.  Which one is true?
The Moraga Letter and Expedition into the Interior concern missionaries who find themselves in a New World of freedom.
In Sweet Revenge, a poor nobleman sails away in heartbreak, rejected by his lover’s father because he isn’t rich enough to marry his daughter, but does he return a better man?
In Islands a son offends his father by sailing away from Italy in search of adventure.  What has he learned by the time he returns?
Read these stories and find adventures that may be reminiscent of your own history and enrich your impression of that history.
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