Dreams of War

Do we remember the Vietnam War?  Some of us joined the National Guard.  Some of us went to Nam.  Some of us beat the draft and a few of us got to serve our country by staying home.  In war, even a file clerk has an important job to do.
In Rendezvous in Ben Cat, Marcus, a courier, delivers a classified package to the post commander in Ben Cat.  What is in the pouch that is so important it requires hand-delivery?
In Dreams of War, a group of former college friends meet thirty years after the War.  They all got out of going, except Marcus. Did he turn out different?  Did he gain anything by going to Viet Nam?  Back then, some soldiers thought the war not real.
In the File Clerk Reports a draftee finds a way to stay home and serve his country during the Vietnam War.
A Night on Elk Slough tells a story about telling war stories.  Is there a deadly spider at the heart of every war story?
Find out why it’s important for all of us to read such war stories, even if many of us never served.
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Author interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHnmrgFYARg.

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