Tarry Till I Come

What if the serpent testified to Adam’s banishment from the Garden of Eden?  What does a destitute leper tell Saint Anthony about God’s goodness?   What is the unique view of Barabbas about the crucifixion of Christ?  Do Christ and Satan have a secret understanding?  In these tales, we get a fresh look at narratives grown all to familiar.
In the Beginning, is the tale of the banishment of Adam and Eve from Eden as told by the serpent.  What happened after Adam left the Garden of Eden?  When Adam returns to Eden, what does he find?
The leper who befriends Saint Anthony in The Temptations of Saint Anthony, presents the saint with an argument critical of God.  What does Anthony answer?
In The Little Dark Man, it’s not just what we will do to become rich and famous but what both the satan and Jesus will do.  Find out by reading the account of an editor’s rise to become a famous drama critic for a San Francisco newspaper.
These stories give a different rendition of familiar biblical stories and other religious writings.  How do they enrich our understanding of such biblical writings?
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