Luminous Motion

End of the World of Luminous Motion
Are we sons of Adam or kin to apes?  That is the question.  If we live good lives, we should come out ahead, right?  In these stories, people take out personal ads to have meaningful relationships; how do things turn out?  Nothing seems quite fair in life; nothing seems to turn out quite like it should.
In Pretty People’s Lives, Jenny and Brady, go through the stages of a Hollywood life in public:  wedding, divorce, crash, comeback; there is drama, and a fairy-tale ending.
In The Fabulous History of Silverfish a real idiot becomes mayor of the town and a local club wreaks havoc every night but Halloween.  Why does that happen?
In Inquiry into Human Nature, Harvey and Nell raise an ape as their human son, but things go awry and their son ends up in a zoo caged and clipping news articles about human cannibalism.  Who is more civilized, the humans or the ape?
The Ombudsman’s Assistant writes answers to complaints about the newspaper, but it the answers that don’t get printed that please his boss.  Things don’t quite seem fair in these stories but then again, neither is life!
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