Budget Cut

How does a person survive working in a large bureaucracy?  You need to get along with your boss and coworkers, but does mere survival lead to contentment, or does one secretly desire to bring about the collapse of the entire organization?  in Budget Cut, what was the guerrilla war between the Director and the employees of the Transactions Section?  How did Moon Man, the Whistler, the Bearded Wonder, and the rest of them win their office war?
In The Man Who Goes Out of His Head, what are the benefits and dangers of one who goes out of his head?  How does he do it?  How does the story end?
Why would The Man Who Wasn’t Noticed at work want to keep it that way?  What does he have to gain? What on earth is a rogue pixel?  How many of us end up as rogue pixels?
In The Government Worker Who Thought He was Socrates, the office Socrates questions his fellow employees seeking the truth about their condition.  Does he improve morale?  The boss certainly doesn’t think so. The workplace is not ideal, but is it good?
Perhaps these stories take us back to similar experiences at work.  In these stories, however, there is always humor at the core.
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